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Brandchart sets the new standard for the way organizations shape their recruitment marketing and employer branding strategies by placing knowledge, insights, and technology at the center.

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Decide based on insights

Make informed choices for your organization from reliable insights.

Concrete results and implementation

We always deliver an immediately applicable plan and/or implementation force.

Increase knowledge

Increase knowledge of recruitment marketing and employer branding.

Make informed decisions with reliable and applicable research.

With Brandchart research (such as employer brand research or target audience research), we give you the insights with which you make substantiated strategic recruitment marketing and employer branding choices. This will not only convince the labor market, but also your own organization.

No employer marketing challenge too big for our Consultancy team

At Brandchart, our consultants help your organization devise and implement successful employer branding and recruitment marketing strategies. We do this based on our own unique models, methods and insights for practical and applicable results.

This online academy is only available in Dutch at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Expand your knowledge of recruitment (marketing) and employer branding with the Brandchart Online Academy. One year of access to 20 high-quality training courses for one fixed fee. At your own pace and at your own convenience. This way you develop into a true professional.

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