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Employer branding starts on campus

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I am still amazed after twenty years in the recruitment industry at how organizations approach the campus as part of the labor market.

If an organization is already engaged in campus activities, it is often focused on filling a traineeship. In itself there is nothing wrong with this, but it often comes at the expense of a more targeted strategic approach.

Nowhere is the Dutch labor market more transparent and accessible than on campus. Every student learns in year two how to create a LinkedIn profile and be visible.

Students have time to talk to a potential employer and are eager to explore opportunities (such as internships, graduation and their first job). Therefore, it is easier to talk about the organization as an employer than with starting professionals with a few years of work experience.

The student of today is the professional of tomorrow.

If you want to get a hold on a scarce professional today, you have to be in their head.

The most effective and efficient way is to get the student to know you as an employer. This means that a significant part of employer branding starts on campus.

Even stronger, perhaps 90% of the employer branding effort should take place on campus. If you have influence on 'the gate' to the labor market, you don't have to fight with dozens of other companies for the attention of the candidate later. Furthermore, it is often more difficult to communicate when they are already working.

Campus is more than just recruiting trainees if you approach it smartly.

Campus recruiting is more than just recruiting trainees if you approach it smartly. Smart approach means doing thorough employer branding. Just like you would do for professionals or should do.

This means thinking carefully about your positioning as an employer and which channels you use to communicate your employer brand (and that doesn't mean attending dozens of student gatherings).

Hire an experienced campus recruiter or employer branding specialist who has a good understanding of the target audience. This will give your organization the most value for less money.

One last tip; don't just hire HBO/WO graduates, but also MBO graduates (unless you don't need MBO graduates).

When will your organization outsmart the competition in the job market by taking control of the gateway to the job market?

This blog was written by Sandor Snoeren

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