Target audience research

Recruiting important target audiences is always challenging. You don't want job openings to stay open for too long and are looking for ways to get a grip on this.

With target audience research, we make target audiences completely transparent. Develop smart recruitment strategies, fill vacancies faster with the best candidates.

Are you ready to approach recruitment in an insight-driven way?

Naast ons interne onderzoek hebben wij het doelgroepen onderzoek gebruikt als basis voor onze Werknemersbelofte (Employer Value Proposition). Het heeft ons inzichten gegeven die wij hebben meegenomen in onze employer branding en recruitmentstrategie.”

Vishal Gainda



For the best employer message

Acquire in-depth insights into your specific target audience, inside and out.


For a higher reach

Make sure you really know how to reach the target audience by knowing what is important to them.


For lower media costs

Use only effective media channels with the highest clicks and save on your media budget.

Demographic profile

All insights into the composition of the target audience, such as target audience size, male/female ratio, educational background, and regional distribution.

Media and communication profile

Complete understanding of the media behavior of a target audience such as orientation behavior, social media usage, general media behavior, and preferences for professional sites and events. Additionally, understanding of the communication preferences of the target audience, such as tone of voice, character traits, and types of communication channels (video vs. text).

Work Profile

Complete insight into what the target audience considers important in work and employer engagement as well as willingness to travel, passive/active job search ratio and work frustrations.

Competitive Profile

Understanding who the key labor market competitors are and how they profile themselves in the labor market such as understanding what USPs the competition uses.

The highest standards of research

The quality of our research is our number one priority. With everything we do, we observe the reliability and validity of our data. We do what we say and say what we do. Thus, we provide both applicable and reliable data.

Based on a critical intake, Brandchart is able to set up a qualitative and relevant research that takes into account the context of our organization."

Sophie Grandia

Employment Market Marketing Advisor at Achmea

Curious how target audience research can help your organization grow?

Gino Ammerlaan

Account Manager

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