Employer brand research

You are starting to build the employer brand for your organization or have been working on it for some time. However, you don't know where you stand with your employer brand or what the success of the current strategy is.

With our employer brand research, you know what the position of your organization as an employer in the labor market is.

Are you ready to make employer branding more insight driven?


For a smart employer brand

Use insights to build a successful employer value proposition (EVP) and become/remain an attractive employer.


To steer results

The employer brand research maps the effects of employer branding campaigns. This makes campaigns manageable.


To support success

Use insights such as awareness and preference to show the organization the success of the (current) strategy.

Familiarity and preference

In this part of the research we map out how well known the organization is and how much preference the organization enjoys as an employer among relevant target audience.

Helped and Open Association Profile

What work employer characteristics does the labor market associate with the organization as an employer, based on a prompted and unprompted inquiry (both positively and negatively)?

Competitive Profile

How does the labor market perceive competitors (associations, awareness and preference) and where are the differences with its own employer brand?

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Gino Ammerlaan

Account Manager