Recruitment marketing consultancy

As an organization, you feel that filling vacancies is no longer so easy. You want to do things smarter.

With recruitment marketing consultancy from Brandchart you get the right partner. Whether it's about setting up your job site properly, getting your job ads in order, doing more with analytics or improving referral flow; we make it all work!

Brandchart is not a media or creative agency, but it is a partner for all other recruitment marketing matters.

The start

A recruitment marketing project always starts with a kick-off. Within this kick-off we clearly define what needs to happen and what the (recruitment marketing) results need to be. Based on the results to be achieved, we determine together how we will approach matters in order to achieve the desired result.

The process

Een recruitment marketing consultant van Brandchart gaat planmatig aan de slag om diverse recruitment marketing processen en methoden te optimaliseren en/of op te zetten. Hij of zij maakt daarbij gebruik van Brandchart data/inzichten, tools en praktijkervaring. Volledig transparant en ook gericht op het borgen van hetgeen dat wordt opgezet.

The result

The result consists of achieving the goals set during the kick-off. We make these goals measurable in order to steer them clearly. During and at the end of the consultancy process the client receives a report on the achieved (recruitment marketing) goals.

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Gino Ammerlaan

Account Manager