Employer Brand Designer©

As an organization, you would like to have the strongest position in the job market. You realize that a powerful employer brand is going to help with this.

With our Employer Brand Designer© method Brandchart helps organizations in a concrete way to establish a sustainable and successful employer branding strategy. Based on data and insights we build a complete employer branding strategy including an Employee Value Proposition and internal and external communication plan.

All in all, our employer brand designer creates the best Employer Branding strategy.

For a rock-solid employer brand

Through our successful method, together we build a rock-solid employer brand.

The best results in less time

Our experience enables us to work with you to establish employer branding in a short period of time.

To preserve acquired knowledge

We ensure that knowledge about your employer brand is secured within your organization.

What started as a participation in the Graspr Imago quickly turned into a partnership. The match? A shared ambition to really elevate recruitment marketing and employer branding to a higher level and the need to approach this practically and thoughtfully.''

Lotte van Santen

Senior Employer Branding Manager at Municipality of Rotterdam

The start

We always start an Employer Brand Design© project together. We don't just create an employer branding strategy for an organization, we always do this together. Following the kick-off session you receive an efficient project plan from the consultant who is your contact person for the project.

Internal market research

Employer branding always starts internally, which is why we start with an internal brand research. Within this internal brand research we use various methods (surveys, interviews, desk research) to get a picture of the (desired) employer brand of the organization. As a basis we use our Brandchart EVP model to gain insight into the situation.

External brand research

How the external labor market views the organization's current employer brand is also important, which is why within the external brand research we look at how the labor market perceives the organization's employer brand (familiarity, preference and associations), as well as how the employer brand of labor market competitors is viewed.

The design

In the final step, we use all the input from the previous steps to come up with an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Through our powerful workshop process, we arrive at a realistic and distinctive EVP in a short period of time. We also create an internal and external communication plan (based on our own intelligence database regarding the orientation and media behavior of target groups) to activate the EVP immediately. Of course we document everything carefully, so you can continue to work on the employer brand now and in the future.

Ready to make employer branding work for your organization?

Gino Ammerlaan

Account Manager

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